An 8 week fitness and health program

The exercise program is designed to be done on three separate days and combines Cardiovascular, resistance training & High Intensity Interval Training exercises

The group PT sessions are held at the gym on Monday @ 5.30pm, Wednesday @ 6am & Friday @ 6am they are 30 minutes in duration and are designed for all fitness levels

The supplement package consists of a 500gr protein shake and a shaker, It is great to use as a snack, after a workout to aid in recovery or at night if you get peckish after dinner.

At the start & finish of the 8 week challenge you will have your body composition assessed using the In-body 570 scan which provides you with details of body fat percentage, body fat distribution, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, muscle mass and bone mineral density, this will provide you with more accurate and valuable information then you can get from  your average scales. The In-body scan is provided by a company called Personalised Physiques. Their qualified staff will talk you through your results and provide insight into areas that may need improving.


To get started
Ph: 4872 2386



On 16th May I joined the Highlands Health Club in Mittagong for three months with the purpose of losing weight & getting fit. Six weeks later I have made friends, lost 4kg & 35cm.
I joined and  won the 6 week Challenge & won 3 months Gold Gym Membership, boxing gloves & a box of Maxine's Burn.

Big thanks go to the instructors at the gym, awesome bunch! Gennene the owner is awesome & I am feeling like $1M.


"We are so proud of Janet Sinclair and we feel blessed that we were able to see her reach her goals!
This is why we do what we do as trainers! "